Biohaarden of sfeerhaarden

Involving your garden, patio or terrace with the livingroom is a development we see more and more often in witch an open fire has an important role.
An open fire comes with ambiance, warmth and cosines, but is most of the time hard to realize because of the missing flue.
GardenFlame presents the open fire using bio-ethanol, the so called bio burners.
The biggest advantage of it all is an extremely clean and environmental friendly fire.
No Sparks, no smoke nor fumes and no flue required. No gas bottles or hoses etc. etc. Bio-ethanol is a environmental friendly and user friendly fuel witch has hardly any con's.

A bioburner or a biochimney with bio-ethanol fuel is the perfect replacement for the traditional wood stove or gas burners.
The way the flames of a ethanol fire look like is exactly the same as a wood fire and much better looking than the flames of a gas burner.

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For inside and out, open fires and Garden Fires.
Ambiance fire or bioburners using the eco and environmental friendly fuel Bio-Ethanol

Sfeerhaarden op bio ethanol